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Artist: Geeta Biswas
Work: Original Oil Painting, One of a Kind
Medium: WN artists' oil paints on stretched linen canvas
Year: 2021
Style: Concept art
Size: 89 X 144 X 3 cm


This painting is inspired from one of my childhood memories. So why is the door frame sacred? There is an interesting story from Indian mythology.

There was a demon king who appeased one God (we have multiple forms of God) and asked for immortality. God said, 'Anyone born must die so ask for something that your death will be delayed or difficult'.

So he really thought about it and came up with a brilliant demand. 'Okay, I may not be killed by a human or an animal, neither during the day nor in the night, never with weapons, and neither inside a house nor outside, neither on the ground nor in the space, also not to be killed by a naturally born entity.'

He was granted his wish and the demon king turned into a true rat creating havoc in the world. So finally the dooms day arrives and he is angry with his own son who is an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. He asks his son, 'Do you think your Lord is everywhere, even in this pillar'? The kid says, 'yes'. So the angry king breaks the pillar.

A weird entity surfaces out of the pillar! It has a human body in the lower half and with a lion in upper half....he is 'Lord Narsimha' perched on the entrance door frame of the palace and makes the demon king lay on his lap and tears him apart through his intestine just using his nails much more dangerous than manicured long nails and the time was evening!

So as children we were always told to never stand on the door frame or sneeze or do anything that's disrespectful to the door frame.

This painting is a piece of traditional India. The decor is as done on festive occasions with domestic animals around!

I really enjoyed my time doing this painting and happy to release it during Diwali!



Don't stand on the door frame


    The visual quality of this painting is stunning in both indoor and natural light. This painting is a piece of traditional India. You will receive it unframed. Signed on the edge, both edges painted, comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

    PERFECT FOR ANY SPACE: Living room, family room, bedroom, office, dining room, game room, bar, and more!


    I am sure you will love your art but if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you can return it free within 14 days, no questions asked.


    The item will be shipped within 4 business days. Shipping will be charged based on the actual price plus packaging. This artwork will be shipped in a tube carefully wrapped in bubble foil. Shipping will be by India post and please allow 2 -3 business weeks for the item to reach the destination. Once shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking details and expected delivery date.

    Ships globally, shipping charges approx USD 200.


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