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Artist: Geeta Biswas
Work: Original Oil Painting, One of a Kind
Medium: WN artists' oil paints on stretched linen canvas
Year: 2021
Style: Abstract, Concept art
Size: 112 X 92 X 5 cm


The childhood games that turn into the reality of adult life, Maaya captures a person and keeps them busy at different stages of life. It's natural to be tempted and be lost in the magic of the world but a little bit of discrimination and a value based life can definitely overcome the overwhelming power of Maaya and transcend. A simple test is do you sleep peacefully every night? Or is it mostly fear or worries that give sleepless nights?

And that's what this painting is aimed at, asking the viewer the difficult question - do you control your Maaya or you are under her influence!

How my art keeps me so alive and happy? I don’t do the easy regular stuff. In every piece of my artwork the focus is something new must be there, it could be a concept, execution style or texture or just colors. This piece was ultimate because it was a high octane adrenaline thing.

One day I just did bitcoin and my mind is exhausted, then on another day just the reflection. Pause, hit by idea, again pause was the story.

It took me two weeks to complete and during this time I was fully engrossed about the thought and elements of the artwork. Enjoyed getting the concept in the abstract art style.

Maaya-The Magic 2

SKU: MM2OL2021

    Painted with high quality oil colors on linen, this artwork is not ready to hang, available unframed. The sides are painted. The painting is heavily textured with palette knife application and thick brush strokes.

    The signature is on the backside. Comes with a certificate of authenticity. This painting will be varnished.


    I am sure you will love your art but if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you can return it free within 14 days, no questions asked.


    The item will be shipped within 4 business days. Shipping will be charged based on the actual price plus packaging. This artwork will be shipped in a tube carefully wrapped in bubble foil. Shipping will be by India post and please allow 2 -3 business weeks for the item to reach the destination. Once shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking details and expected delivery date.

    Ships globally, shipping charges approx USD 200.

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