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Being self-taught, I started out painting a range of objects from still life to landscapes to objects out of fantasy and imagination. I create the concept art mostly in oil or acrylics and have created realistic art in watercolors.

But in the last couple of years, I have been more inclined towards concept art or art that adds to the history.

So, going forward I will be doing more concepts that heal or make me happy. I hope the viewer will enjoy the visual appeal of my art, feel the emotion in which I have created, my art would connect with them emotionally and give some food for thought. I love colors and texture in a painting, so try to add a variety of colors in layers and build up the texture. My color palette is warm and vibrant, influenced by my Indian origin. Here we love colors!

Oil is a slow drying medium, and so I try to capture an event or an idea in all its glory paying much attention to the artistic nuances. I use colors, motifs, allegory, and symbols to express my concept in a surrealistic style. Sometimes I think of what a person would feel looking at my art a century from now and that’s why I do art that represents current times and events. Also, I wish my collectors should know me from my art and that I try to express through my concepts. All my paintings are representations of true events that I am witness to or have experienced.

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